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Development-led projects

Below is a selection of some of our projects:

Quarry extension & restoration: ecological impact assessment and development of habitat restoration plans for numerous quarries in the south and west of England

Flood management: ecological assessment and design of flood defence schemes throughout the UK, including award winning schemes in Hampshire and London

Landfill management: badger survey and mitigation including the design and construction of new artificial badger setts

Residential & industrial development: translocation and monitoring of great crested newt and reptiles, and habitat creation as part of a large-scale development

Airport expansion: fluvial geomorphological and ecological assessment and design of culvert, river realignment and river enhancement as part of a runway extension

Transport planning: Habitat Regulations Assessment as part of the Welsh National Transport Plan, and ecological impact assessment of various road improvement schemes throughout Wales

Residential housing: ecological appraisal and mitigation design for small and large, complex residential development throughout the south of England

Reservoir design: fluvial geomorphology and ecology integration into flood management and floodplain habitat creation designs for a large storage reservoir

Environmental economics: integrating ecology within the economic appraisal of inland and coastal flood schemes, and the Severn Tidal Barrage scheme

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