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Conservation-led projects

Below is a selection of some of our projects:

Protected species management: large-scale translocation of great crested newt and reptiles as part of landfill restoration

Biodiversity planning: creation and enhancement of habitats and species at a 170ha gravel pit complex in the Cotswold Water Park

River restoration: restoration and enhancement of rivers in London, Hampshire and Wiltshire including the River Avon SAC and the River Kennet SSSI

Lake enhancement: creation and enhancement of aquatic, marginal and riparian habitats at a 12ha gravel pit in the Cotswolds

Woodland and grassland management: habitat creation and management for restoration of semi-natural Ancient Woodland and wildflower grassland

Wetland habitat management: production of a 10-year habitat management plan for an historic defence-structure at Monmouth

Coastal habitat management: design, appraisal and supervision of coastal wetland habitat creation in Northumberland

Upland ecosystems: investigated ‘flood provisioning’ and ‘water provisioning’ ecosystem services of moorland habitat

Lake management: habitat creation and management for 12 lakes in the River Trent floodplain balancing the needs of ecology with water storage and public access

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